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Ethnic and Tourist Arts: Cultural Expressions From the Fourth World

Nelson H.H. Graburn , Editor
Berkeley : University of California Press, ©1976.
0520029496, 9780520029491
  • Introduction : the arts of the fourth world / Nelson H.H. Graburn
  • Eskimo art : the eastern Canadian arctic / Nelson H.H. Graburn
  • Functional aspects of Haida Argillite carvings / Carole N. Kaufmann
  • The creative consumer : survival, revival, and invention in Southwest Indian arts / J.J. Brody
  • Pueblo and Navajo weaving traditions and the western world / Kate Peck Kent
  • Ceramic arts and acculturation at Laguna / Robert R. Gill
  • Seri ironwood carving : an economic view / Scott H. Ryerson
  • Modern ceramics in the Teotihuacan valley / Thomas H. Charlton
  • The Amate bark-paper paintings of Xalitla / Gobi Stromberg
  • The clothing arts of the Cuna of San Blas, Panama / Mari Lyn Salvador
  • Gourd decoration in highland Peru / Ruth McDonald Boyer
  • Shipibo tourist art / Donald W. Lathrap
  • Contemporary Ainu wood and stone carving / Setha M. Low
  • The Brahmin painters of Nathdwara, Rajasthan / Renaldo Maduro
  • Style change in an Upper Sepik contact situation / J.A. Abramson
  • Australian Aboriginal art at Yirrkala : the introduction and development of marketing / Nancy Williams
  • The production of native art and craft objects in contemporary New Zealand society / Sidney M. Mead
  • Changing African art / William Bascom
  • "A la recherche du temps perdu" : on being an ebony-carver in Benin / Paula Ben-Amos
  • The decline of Lega sculptural art / Daniel P. Biebuyck
  • Functional and tourist art along the Okavango river / B.H. Sandelowsky.
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