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Decima Tertia Pars Historiae Americanae, Quae Continet Exactam et Accuratam Descriptionem: I. Novae Angliae, Virginiae, Brasiliae, Guianae, & Insulae Bermudae, Quarum Hactenus Exigua & Imperfecta Notitia Habita Fuit. II. Terrae Australis Incognitae, Cuius Chorographia Antehac in Nullo Itinerario Aut Navigatione Litteris Tradita. III. Expugnationis Vrbis S. Salvatoris & Sinus Omnium Sanctorum Ab Hollandis Factae, & Quomodo Hispani Vrbe & Sinu Illo Rursus Potiti Sint. IV. Novi Mexici, Cibolae, Cinaloae, Quivirae, Rerumq[ue], Memorabilium, Quae in Iucatan, Guatimala, Fonduris & Panama Observatae Sunt, Nec Non Aliquot Anglicarum Iis Locis Coloniarum. V. Navigationis Hollandorum Per Vniversum Orbem, Duce Iacobo Eremita. VI. Classis Hispanicae Praedivitis Ab Hollandis, Duce Petro Heinio, in Portu Insulae, Qui Matanza Dicitur, Interceptae. VII. Vrbis Olindae de Fernambucco in Brasilia Ab Hollandis, Duce Henrico Cornelio Lonckio, Occupatae. Additis Passim Tabulis Aeri Incisis, Quibus Jam Memoratae Descriptiones Illustrantur

Theodor de Bry (Firm); Whitbourne, Richard; Coronado, Francisco Vásquez de; Espejo, Antonio de; Heyn, Piet; Hamor, Ralph; Staden, Hans; Léry, Jean de; Harcourt, Robert; Queirós, Pedro Fernandes de; Aldenburgk, Johannes Gregorius; Hermite, Jacques L'; Smith, John; Loncq, Hendrik Cornelis
Book; Online
Francofurti ad Moenum, : Sumptibus Matthaei Meriani ciuis & chalcographi Francofurtensis., MDCXXXIV. [1634]
German (translated from)
Great voyages
[4], 60, 51-149 (i.e. 159), [1] p., [15] leaves of plates (1 folded, 5 double, 1 double folded) : ill., maps ; 37 cm. (fol.)
  • Constitutes the thirteenth part, sole issue of the sole Latin edition of Theodor de Bry's Great voyages, printed in fourteen parts, in Latin, German, French, and English.
  • Sole edition of Part 13 -- Church, entry 174.
  • Translated into Latin from the German part 13 printed under title: Continuatio Americae, das ist: Fortsetzung der Historien von der Newen Welt, oder Nidergängischen Indien, waran es auff diese Zeit noch anhero ermangelt, Frankfurt am Main, 1627, and the German part 14 printed under title: Vierhezender Theil Amerikanischer Historien, inhaltend, erstlich, warhafftige Beschreibung etlicher West-Indienischer Landen, Hanau, 1630.
  • Preface signed and dated on (:)2 verso: Datum Francofurti 8. Septembr. anno à Christo nato 1633. Matthaeus Merianus, ciuis & chalcographus Francofurtensis.
  • This part is divided into fifteen different sections. It was first published in German, in 1628 [i.e. 1627] and 1630, as parts XIII and XIV. Merian then had them translated into Latin and united them in this part. The chapters are as follows: 1. A description of the discovery and the settlement of New England from the time of its discovery by Sebastian Cabot; abridged from Sir Richard Whitbourne, and others. 2. A description of Virginia, being an abridgment from Hamor and captain John Smith. 3. A description of the Bermudas; no author given. 4. History of Brazil, from Hans Staden and Léry. 5. Harcourt's relation of a voyage to Guiana; first published in London in 1613. 6. De Quiros' Description of Terra Australis, first published in Spanish in 1610 and in Dutch in 1612; together with an account of the discoveries made by Hendrik Hudson. 7. The relation of Johann Gregor Aldenburgh on the taking of San Salvador or Bahia de Todos de Santos, in Brazil, by the Dutch in 1624 and its recapture by the Spanish. 8. A description of the country of Cibola or New Granada, by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. 9. An account of the discoveries made in New Mexico, extracted from the voyages of Antonio de Espejo. 10. A journal of the Nassau fleet commanded by Jacques l'Hermite. 11. A description of the province of Cinaolo and an account of a voyage made by Francisco de Ulloa to the coast of California. 12. A description of the city of Mexico and of New Spain; no author given. 13. A continuation of the history of Guiana, taken from the True travels of captain John Smith. 14. An account of the naval combat between the Dutch, under the command of Pieter Pietersz. Heyn, and the Spanish at Matanzas in September 1628, in which the silver fleet was captured. 15. An account of the capture of Olinda by the Dutch admiral Hendrick Cornelisz. Lonck, in 1630. Cf. Church.
  • Contains 9 maps, one of which is folded, two of which are double maps, and one of which is a double folded map; also contains 3 maps in the text; there are two double plates which are illustrations and one of which is a single view; aside from plates there are 18 in text illustrations, three of which were printed in previous parts. Please see Church for more details.
  • [1] Two-page map with inscription: America nouiter delineata. Map of North and South America; insets, a small map of the South Pole, "Terra Australis Incognita," lower left-hand; and of the North Pole, "Borealiores Americae ... tabula," upper left-hand; between (:)2 and A1.
  • [2] folding map of the Strait of Magellan: Fretum Magellannicum, und dessen eigentliche Beschribung, so die hollander durch schifft und aush der leng beschreiben, bound after map [1] -- [3] Descripcion de las Indias Ocidentalis [sic]
  • [4] folding map: Smith's map of Virginia (copied from the Purchase map, vol. 4, 1625). Inscription at the top: Virgina; at lower edge: Erforschet und beschriben durch Capitain Johan Schmidt.
  • [5] Two-page map, inscription, upper right-hand: Capitania de Pernambuco. Inset, upper-center, inscription: Das Norder theil des Lands Brasilien. Darinn die fürnemsten Hafen angedeütet werden, als zu Parayba, Pernambuco, Todos os Santos, und andere; bound between p. 36 and 37.
  • [6] Two-page map: Die landschafft Guaiana inhaltende alle die prouincien zwischen dem fluss Amazonum und dem wasser Yviapari oder Orinoque; bound between p. 44 and 45.
  • Maps in text: [7] Sud seite des Landts terea del Fuoco, abgezeichnet dúrch Iohan von Walbeck (p. 99) -- [8] Täfelein anzeigend den weg, wie die Hollandische Flotta Von dem Hafen zu Callao geschiffet Nordenwarts biss hinden die insel Piscadores; inset, with inscription, "Verzeichnuss, wie die Hollendische Schiffe in der Baÿ hinder der Insel Piscadore gelegen haben" (p. 112) -- [9] Entwurff des flusses Guaiaquil, vnd der bei den Insuln Puna und S. Clara. (p. 113).
  • Folding plates: [1] two-page plate, View of San Salvador, with ships in the bay, and small inset map of the harbor in the lower left-hand corner, between p. 62 and 63 -- [2] two-page plate; the Spanish Silver Fleet; with medallion portraits of Generael Pieter Pieters Hayn, and of Admirael Hendrick Cornelisz. Lonq.; a small inset map in the lower left-hand corer, Das Eylandt Cuba mit deroselben Gelegenheit, between p. 136 and 137 -- [3] two-page plate, in two compartments, the upper: Olinda; in the lower: Olinda de Phernambuco auf der Reede nach Leben abgezeichnet, between p. 144 and 145.
  • Eighteen smaller plates in text at p. 4, 5, 11, 18, 25, 28, 46, 87, 102, 104, 118, 116, 118, 125, 127, 132, 137 and 140.
  • Errors in paging: (2nd count) p. 57 misprinted 47; (3rd count) 52 misprinted as 25, 76 as 78, 95 as 93, and 108 as 118.
  • Signatures: (:)² A-V⁴ (G3 missigned H3; V4 verso blank).
  • Fully engraved title page; engraved head and tail pieces; initials.
  • Title page with letterpress text printed within ornate engraved architectural border; head and tail pieces; initials and printed marginalia.
Local Notes
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Bound in full crushed crimson levant morocco. Title "De Bry Voyages to America in Latin. Part XIII" and "Sole edition Francfurt 1634" gilt stamped on front cover. All edges gilt. Binding signed: Bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, London, England, for Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, London. Housed in a marbled paper covered slipcase. Tracy W. McGregor Library, American History Collection. This copy recataloged and digitized through a generous grant from the McGregor Fund.
Series Statement
Great voyages ; pt. 13
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