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A new general collection of voyages and travels : consisting of the most esteemed relations, which have been hitherto published in any language; comprehending everything remarkable in its kind, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America

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4 v. fronts., plates (part fold.), maps (part fold.), plans (part fold.) 26.5 cm.
London, Printed for T. Astley, 1745-47.
  • v. 1. First voyages of the Portugueze to the East Indies, 1418-1546. First voyages of the English to Guinea, and the East Indies, 1552-1598. First voyages of the English to the East Indies, set forth by the company of merchants, 1600-1620. Voyages to Africa and the islands adjacent, 1455-1721
  • v. 2. Voyages and travels along the western coast of Africa, 1637-1735. Voyages and travels to Guinea and Benin, 1666-1726. Description of Guinea
  • v. 3. Voyages and travels to Guinea, Benin, Kongo and Angola. Description of Loango, Kongo, Angola, Benguela, and adjacent countries. Description of the countries along the eastern coast of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and travels in China, 1655-1722
  • v. 4. Description of China, of Korea, eastern Tartary and Tibet. Travels through Tartary, Tibet, and Bukhâria, to and from China, 1246-1698. Index
Compiled by John Green, but known as the Astley collection.
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SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Tracy W. McGregor Library, American History Collection.
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