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Remonstrance pour le roy, à tous ses subiects qui ont prins les armes contre sa Maiesté

Par I. De la Taille escuyer.
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15 p. ; 16 cm. (8vo)
À Lyon : Par Michel Ioue, 1567.
Signatures: A-B⁴.
In verse.
Cited in
Lindsay and Neu, French political pamphlets, 1546-1648, 545.
Local Notes
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Binder: Chambolle-Duru.
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Unidentified armorial binding, with monogram "RB" or "BR" and motto "In via nulla in via" inside both covers, in each corner.
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Gordon Collection. Bookplate of Douglas Gordon. Gordon list, 620.
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