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A new map of the north parts of America claimed by France under ye names of Louisiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France, with ye adjoyning territories of England and Spain : the projection of this map is call'd Mercator's, and it is laid down according to the newest and most exact observations

by H. Moll Geographer, 1720.
Online; Map
1 map : hand col., mounted on linen ; 31 x 102 cm. fold. to 23 x 19 cm.
Mathematical info
Scale [1:4,950,000]
Mercator proj.
(W 129⁰--W 51⁰ /N 53⁰ --N 16⁰)
[London] ; 1720.
Insets: Indian Fort of Sasquesahanor ; The harbour of Annapolis Royal ; A map of ye mouth of Mississipi and Mobile Rivers, &c.
Relief shown pictorially.
Dedicated to Thomas Bromsall Esq.
Local Notes
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: GA401 .M5 1720: Mounted on linen.
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Area Table 7 1720 Moll: Tracy W. McGregor Library, American History Collection.
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