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New England : the most remarqueable parts thus named by the high and mighty Prince Charles, nowe King of great Britaine

observed and described by Captayn John Smith.
Online; Map
1 map : b&w ; 30 x 36 cm.
Mathematical info
Scale [ca. 1:1,110,000]
London : Printed by Iames Reeue, [ca. 1635]
Bust of John Smith left upper corner, with inscription underneath: "These are the Lines that shew thy Face; but those that shew thy Grace and Glory, brighter bee:..."
According to Burden, this variant is state 9, issued 1635 or later, as part of Historia Mundi.
Simon Passaeus Sculpsit.
Council of New England arms in center of map.
School of fish off Cape Cod, River Charles extended to west edge of map.
Text below compass rose: "He that desyres to know more of the Estate of new England lett him read a new Book of the prospecte of new England...
Cited in
Burden, P.D., Mapping of North America 1511-1670, no. 187, p. 226-228.
Local Notes
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Imperfect: Map is torn below the cartouch, with some loss of text. Tracy W. McGregor Library, American History Collection.
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