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Letters (Correspondence)
August 1925
Philip S. Hench Walter Reed Yellow Fever Collection circa 1800-circa 1998 bulk 1863-1974
Box-folder 12:27
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Letter from M.A. Barber to Henry Rose Carter August 4, 1925

Barber discusses his upcoming personal and professional plans.

Letter from Victor G. Heiser to Henry Rose Carter August 6, 1925

Heiser writes that he hopes Carter's health improves soon.

Letter from Henry Hanson to Henry Rose Carter August 7, 1925

Hanson informs Carter that he plans to go to Africa to fight yellow fever.

Letter from Wade Hampton Frost to Henry Rose Carter August 7, 1925

Frost reviews Carter's manuscript on the history of yellow fever and expresses his hope that Carter will write a continuation on the subject. He wishes him speedy recovery from his illness.

Letter from T.H.D. Griffitts to Henry Rose Carter August 19, 1925

Griffitts discusses his new job and expresses admiration for Carter as a friend and mentor.

Letter from George E. Vincent to Henry Rose Carter August 25, 1925

Vincent expresses his admiration for Henry Carter and Laura Carter.

Letter from G. Jameson Carr to Laura Armistead Carter August 28, 1925

Carr expresses his admiration for Henry Carter.

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