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Fourth Year Class, 1954-1955

Online; Still Image
Black-and-White Photographs
UVa, SOM class of 1955 Note: This is an older class photo taken in Spring 1952 that has had individual photos added and individuals crossed out (these names are not listed). Pictured, from left to right: Photos added at bottom of photograph: James B. Johnson, Mildred Sheesley, Dimitri C. Polizo First row: William F. Addington, Robert N. Akeley, Kurtz E. Alderman, Emory W. Bitzer, Walter L. Blankenbaker, Loyd C. Brannon, David A. Browne, Henry G. Bryan, Robert J. Camp Second row: Johnson T. Carpenter Jr., Robert L. Cassidy, Harold L. Chandler Jr., David J. Crawford, Eugene C. Culbertson, Federick S. Davis Jr., Robert K. Duley, James E. Etheridge Jr., Jack S. Faulconer Third row: John S. Fletcher, George W. Goldthorpe, Herschel C. Gore Jr., James R. Green Jr., James T. Hamlin III, Edward D. Harris, Stanley L. Harris, Murray M. Hausner, Terring W. Heironimus III Fourth row: Paul O. Howard, Carl J. Kilgore Jr, John R. Kindell, Donald M. Levy, Dail W. Longaker, James B. Magee, David P. Minichan Fifth row: Chimer D. Moore Jr., Alfred D. Morris, Virgil A. Motley Jr., Berryman V. Neal, Jerome D. Perlman, Roger H. Perry, Robert B. Point, Peter W. Reed, Anderson M. Renick Jr. Sixth row: Irvin Robinson, Irving Seidman, Joseph P. Smith Jr., Edward P. Sprinkle, Frank G. Turner, Richard A. Vinton Jr., William W. A. Walker, White M. Wallenborn, Henry M. Ware Seventh row: Thomas A. Wash, Peyton E. Weary, Blair M. Webb, Carroll A. Weinberg, Frederic B. Westervelt Jr., Munsey S. Wheby, Edgar S. White, John T. Wood Not pictured: Bryne R. Marston
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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