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School of Medicine, Fourth Year Class, 1973

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Black-and-White Photographs
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First row (l to r): Tyvin Rich, Stephen Kennedy, Richard MacKay, Robert D. Smith, Charles A. Castle, Thomas Lewis, Robert E. Smith, Jr., George James, Peter Livers, Sharon Dooley, Terry Wood. Second row (l to r): Walter Green, Stephen Jenkins, Terry Myers, Joseph Braintwain, Jacob Neathawk, Henry Rowe, Constantine Mavroudis, Thomas Slabaugh, Wallace Nunley, Phillip Liverman. Third row (l to r): A. Glenn Morrison, John Miles, Stephen Rosenbaum, Howard Conn, Stuart Rosenberg, Richard Himes, Michael Fry, Larry Widner, Peter Sim, Della Williams, M. Brevard Wallace. Fourth row (l to r): Stephen Neely, Richard Whitehill, Richard Harris, James Skinner, John Cousar, Charles Via, David Brothers, Kent Kirchner, Stacy Lundin, William Moss, Thelda Kestenbaum, Walter Erhardt. Fifth row (l to r): Richard Taylor, Richard Bell, Mark Koury, Larry Lawhorne, Eugene Wolanski, Paul Wilkins, Henry Brinks, Arnold Zedd, William A. Hogee, Frank Thompson, Cynthia Merrill, Pascal Gayle Batson. Sixth row (l to r): Joseph Gascho, Richard Serano, James Schubmehl, Robert White, David Williams, Tom Jefferson, David Kaufman, Thomas Parsons, Patrick Barker, Raymond Stalmaster, Richard Creasy, Richard Williams. University of Virginia Medical Alumni Newsletter, May 1973, Vol. 25, Vo. 4, pg. 1.
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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