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Fourth Year Class, 1919-1920

Online; Still Image
Black-and-White Photographs
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1919 - 1920
SOM, Class of 1920 Faculty, first row (l to r): Dr. Dudley C. Smith, Dr. James Waddell, Dr. William Bray, Dr. Robert Bennett Bean, Dr. William Macon, Dr. William Lambeth, Dr. John Staige Davis, Dr. James C. Flippin. First row of students, second row (l to r): Henry Grant Preston, Kon Wyatt, John Bankhead Banks, Lewis David Hoppe, Jr., James Noah Greear, Jr., Richard Williamson Fowlkes, Joseph Flynt Armstrong, Frank McCutchan. Second row of students, third row (l to r): Joseph Thomas Jones, Seth Hunter Hurdle, Henry Bearden Mulholland, Raymond McKnight Sloan, Raymond Aloysius Vonderlehr, Sidney James Harper, Jr., Hunter Holmes McGuire. Third row of students, top row (l to r): Claude Porterfield Fox, Jr., William Wynne Hicks, Philip Meriwether Lewis, Powell Garland Dillard, William Grayson Moran, Jr., William Andrew Horsley Gantt, W. Tilden Boland, Felix Elijah Linder, LeRoy Taylor Kincannon, Glenn Calvin Campbell.
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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