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Conference on Medical Education

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Black-and-White Photographs
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1964-01-03 - 1964-01-04
Williamsburg, Virginia, 3-4 January 1964, Photo is mounted on board Identified (L to R): First Row: Lester A. Wilson, Assoc. Prof. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, William S. Jordan, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Preventive Medicine, Wesley A. Volk, Assoc. Prof. of Microbiology, Morris S. McKeehan, Prof. & Acting Chariman of Anatomy, Cloid Green, Assoc. Prof. of Anesthesiology, Wilhelm Moll, Medical Librarian & Assoc. Prof. of Preventive Med., Richard W. Garnett, Prof. of Neurology & Psychiatry, Thomas H. Hunter, Dean of the School of Medicine, Thomas R. Johns II, Assoc. Prof. of Neurology & Psychiatry, David E. Smith, Prof. & Chairman of Pathology, George Cooper, Jr., Prof. & Acting Chairman of Radiology, Frank McCue, Instructor in Orthopedics Second Row: Oscar A. Thorup, Jr., Assoc, Prof. of Internal Medicine, William N. Thornton, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Obstetrics & Gynecology, McLemore Birdsong, Prof. & Acting Chairman of Pedicatrics, Edwin W. Pullen, Assoc. Prof. of Anatomy, George R. Minor, Assoc. Prof. of Surgery & Assistant Dean, Oliver B. Bobbitt, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Clinical Pathology, Alfred J. Bollet, Assoc. Prof. of Preventive Medicine, William Parson, Prof. & Chariman of Internal Medicine, William H. Muller, Jr., Stephen Watts Prof. & Chairman of Surgery, Neil G. McCormick, Assist. Prof. of Microbiology, Alto E. Feller, Prof. & Chairman of Microbiology, Glassell S. Fitz-hugh, Prof. & Chairman of Otolaryngology Third Row: Frederick C. Holland, Jr., Assist. Prof. of Clinical Pathology, Robert W. McGilvery, Prof. & Acting Chairman of Biochemistry, William G. Thurman, Prof. & Chariman-Designate of Pediatrics (July 1964), Kenneth R. Crispell, Prof. of Internal Medicine & Acting Dean, Douglas W. Eastwood, Prof. & Chairman of Anesthesiology, Byrd S. Leavell, Prof. of Internal Medicine, Desmond R. H. Gourley, Prof. of Pharmacology, Chalmers L. Gemmill, Prof. & Chairman of Pharmacology, Edward P. Cawley, Prof. & Chairman of Dermatology, John H. Allan, Prof. & Chairman of Orthopedics, Lenard Levine, Assist. Prof. of Physiology, Martin G. Netsky, Prof. of Neuropathology, Edwin W. Burton, Prof. & Chairman of Ophthalmology, William P. Anslow, Prof. & chairman of Physiology, Leslie E. Rudolph, Assist. Prof. of Surgery, Guy F. Hollifield, Assoc. Prof. of Internal Medicine & Director of the Outpatient Department, Albert J. Paquin, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Urology, William R. Sandusky, Prof. of Surgery, William E. Craddock, Assoc. Prof. of Radiology, Peyton E. Weary, Assist. Prof. of Dermatology
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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