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Virginia Law Review 1964

Online; Still Image
Black-and-White Photographs
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Including members of the Class of 1964 and Class of 1965. First row: Frederick L. Russell, Walter H. Wingfield, G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr., Albert Ritchie, II, Michael W. Maupin, Walter L. Metcalfe, Jr., Roy G. Bowman, James R. Paulk, Jr. Second Row: Charles W. Ritter, John W. Pearsall, Richard G. Clemens, Everette G. Allen, David N. Bottoms, Jr., Dean DeChaine, David J. McKeown, Jon L. Schumacher, Fred F. Fielding, Anthony Pantaleoni, David E. Belcher, Benjamin H. Hill, James L. North, John S Sheils, Ronald L. Bauer, William K. Engeman. Third Row: Thomas M. Patrick, Christopher Crowley, Martin H. Kahn, John L. Warden, Leo C. Wilkerson, S. Phillip Heiner, William F. Clinger, Jr., Thomas T. Lawson, R. William Ide, Bernard J. Long, Talfourd H. Kemper, Barry E. Hawk, James M. Shoemaker, Jr., Jonathan M. Clark, Graham D. Holding, Jr., Dewey B. Morris, James F. Johnson.
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Special Collections, Arthur J. Morris Law Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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RG 106
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