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School of Law Faculty

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Black-and-White Photographs
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Front row, left to right: Hardy C. Dillard (contracts, international law), Class of 1927, fourth Dean of the School of Law [1963-1968], Leslie H. Buckler (torts, corporate law), William H. White (corporate law), F. D. G. Ribble, Class of 1921, third Dean of the School of Law [1939-1963] (Dean, Constitutional law, taxation), Thomas M. Boyd, Class of 1923 (pensions, creditor rights), Underwood ( pleadings) and Charles O. Gregory (labor law). Second row, left to right: Donnelly ( torts, bankruptcy, local govt. law), Kenneth R. Redden, Class of 1940 (equity), Blanton (Federal procedure), Miss Frances Farmer (Law Librarian), Emerson Spies (property), Laurens H. Rhinelander (agency, corporate law), Charles K. Woltz, Class of 1937 (Assistant Dean, criminal law) and Wright (trade regulations).
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Special Collections, Arthur J. Morris Law Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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MSS 85-3
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