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Physics and Football

Gross, Stephanie
Online; Still Image
Color Photographs
Inside UVa
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UVa physics professor Louis Bloomfield sets up and releases a football from his giant slingshot, called a funnelator. The funnel is attached to the sling that holds the ball. The demonstration creates an amount of energy similar to that which a quarterback or kicker transfers to the football but without the spin. The experiment, which took place August 2, 2000 on UVa's practice field behind University Hall, was being taped for The Learning Channel's upcoming program on the Physics of Football. Assisting Bloomfield with his experiment were incoming first-year players, Joe Holt, #77, and Andrew Hoffman, #60. James Brown, center, host of Fox's NFL pre-game show, hosts The Learning Channel program, to air in October.
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Media Relations, University of Virginia Office of Public Affairs, Charlottesville, Va.
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