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Assembly of Professors in Old Cabell Hall

Marshall, Michael
Online; Still Image
Black-and-White Photographs
Inside UVa
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Faculty members, led by a small group of tenured women, convened an Assembly of Professors three days before Christmas, reviving a forum last used during the invasion of Cambodia in 1970, that drew 650 faculty members. "The assembly is the only body composed of the entire faculty and is basically a grassroots organization," said history professor Paul Gaston, who was elected to preside over the meeting. The assembly unanimously passed a resolution stating that "public colleges face an unprecedented threat to the quality of their teaching, research and service," and that the assembly "affirms that it is the responsibility and duty of the faculty and leaders of each college and university in Virginia to develop educational policy for higher education."
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Media Relations, University of Virginia Office of Public Affairs, Charlottesville, Va.
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