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Visiting Speaker Sylvester Stallone

Arrington, Rebecca
Online; Still Image
Black-and-White Negatives
Inside UVa
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From excerpt: Sylvester Stallone visited the University on October 3, 1991 at the invitation of third-year student Louisa Santarelli, whose father is Stallone's lawyer. After a tour of Grounds, he joined Robert Chapel, drama professor and department chair, for a question and answer session with drama majors, minors and others who were able to get tickets. When asked how one should prepare for an acting career, Sly replied, "Update your portfolio, but keep it simple; believe you're in the top 10 percent - there's a 90 percent failure rate in 'the business'; and, last of all, lie on your resume -- even if you haven't done it that part [?], you want to and will some day." A somewhat red-faced Chapel said, "We don't teach that here."
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Media Relations, University of Virginia Office of Public Affairs, Charlottesville, Va.
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