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Americae Pars Decima: Quae Continentur, I. Duae Navigationes Dn. Americi Vesputii, Sub Auspiciis Castellani Regis, Ferdinandi Susceptae. II. Solida Narratio de Moderno Provinciae Virginiae Statu, Qua Ratione Tandem Pax Cum Indianis Coaluerit, Ac Castella Aliquot Ad Regionis Praesidium Ab Anglis Extructa Fuerint; Additâ Historiâ Lectu Jucundissimâ, Quomodo Pokahuntas, Regis Virginiae Powhatani Filia, Primori Cuidam Anglo Nupserit; Authore Raphe Hamor Virginiae Secretario. III. Vera Descriptio Novae Angliae, Quae Americae Pars Ad Septentrionalem Indiam Spectat, à Capitaneo Johanne Schmidt, Equite Atque Admirali Delineata: Cui Accessit Discursus, Quomodo in Secunda Navigatione à Gallis Captus, Anno 1616. Demum Liberatus Fuerit. Omnia Nunc Primùm in Lucem Edita, Atque Eleganter in Aes Incisis Iconibus Illustrata, / Sumptibus Ac Studio Johann-Theodori de Bry

Vespucci, Amerigo; Hamor, Ralph; Smith, John
Book; Online
Oppenheimii : Typis Hieronymi Galleri., anno MDCXIX. [1619]
English (translated from)
Uniform Title
Novus Orbis, id est, navigationes primae in Americam
Related Title
Novus orbis regionum. Selections.
Great voyages
56, 59-72, [4] p., X, [1] XI-XII leaves of plates : ill. ; 37 cm (fol.)
  • Constitutes the tenth part, first issue of the sole Latin edition of Theodor de Bry's Great voyages, printed in fourteen parts, in Latin, German, French, and English, in Frankfurt am Main, Oppenheim, and Hanau from 1590-1644, and the Elenchus, an outline of the thirteen Latin parts, published by Matthias Merian in Frankfurt am Main in 1634.
  • This work has been identified as the first issue of part ten of the sole Latin edition of the Great voyages by Church.
  • The first issue of the sole edition of Latin part ten can be identified by the engraved title page showing two vessels in full sail with a standing figure of an Indian on each side; this copy also has a genuine blank leaf between plates X and XI.
  • "Vera ac solida narratio de moderno provinciae Virginiae statu, qua ratione tandem pax cum Indianis sancita sit, Anglíque oppida & castella quaedam ad regionis praesidium extruxerint. Cui addita relatio historica, quo modo Pocahuntas, regis Virginiae Powhatani filia, baptismi sacris initiata Anglo cuidam nupserit, lectu jucundissima, Anglico primum idiomate, per Raphe Hamor, & eius loci secretarium descripta, nunc verò Latio donata, sumptibus Johan-Theodori de Bry", p. 14-44, 1st count, has separate caption title.
  • "Vera ac solida descriptio navigationis in Novam Angliam, quae Americae pars in septentrionali Indiae plaga sita est, sub capitaneo Johanne Schmidt, equite ac admirali ejusdem regionis. Cui additus, brevis discursus, qua ratione modò dictus capitaneus, in secunda expeditione à Gallis captus, tandemq́ue liberatus sit: adhaec quis modernus Novae Angliae sit status: quae omnia anno 1616. contigerunt", p. 45-72, 1st and 2nd counts, has separate caption title.
  • List of places, with heading: "Catalogus nominum cum antiquorum, tum recentium, quibus oppida & loca Novae Angliae ..." on p. 47.
  • "Icones sive exactae et artificiosae delineationes praecipuarum rerum ac historiarum, quae in duabus Dn Americi Vesputii in Indiam Occidentalem, ut & reliquis in Virginiam & Novam Angliam expeditionibus evenerunt, huic decimae Americae parti insertae. Vbi inconibus singularis brevis quaedam et necessaria explicatio seorsim subdita est. Omnia diligenti industria in aes incisa & ob oculos posita. À Johanne-Theodoro de Bry, cive ac bibliopola Oppenheimensi", p. [3-4], 3rd count, has separate dated title page with imprint: Oppenheimii typis Hieronymi Galleri. Anno M DC XIX, which is followed by plates numbered I-XII, printed on recto only, and which are signed a2 recto through d2 recto.
  • This part published seventeen years after part IX, is divided into three sections; the first containing the two letters of Americus Vespuccius giving an account of his voyages to America in 1497 and 1499. They appear to have been taken from an edition of his voyages printed at Rotterdam in 1616, entitled Novus Orbis, id est, navigationes primae in Americam [sic, actually not attributed to Vespucci but edited by Simon Grynaeus from material collected by Johann Huttich, which was first printed in Pars, 1532]. Next follows a translation of Hamor's Virginia published at London in 1615, entitled A true discourse of the present state of Virginia. Lastly, comes the relation of a voyage made to New England by captain John Smith, printed in London in 1616, and entitled A description of New England. Cf. Church, entry 170.
  • Contains plates numbered I-XII bound following p. [3-4], 3rd count; there is no difference in the plates between the first and second issues of the first Latin edition of part ten.
  • Errors in paging: 57-58 are omitted in the pagination.
  • Signatures: A-I⁴ (A1 verso, I4 blank) a-c⁴ (a1 verso, c4 blank) d².
  • Fully engraved title page proper; the other title page has a printer's ornament; engraved head and tail pieces; initials.
  • Engraved head and tail pieces; initials, and printed marginalia.
Local Notes
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Bound in full crushed crimson levant morocco. Title "De Bry Voyages to America in Latin. Part X" and "Sole edition Oppenheim 1619" gilt stamped on front cover. All edges gilt. Binding signed: Bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, London, England, for Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, London. Housed in a marbled paper covered slipcase. Tracy W. McGregor Library, American History Collection. This copy recataloged and digitized through a generous grant from the McGregor Fund.
Series Statement
Great voyages ; pt. 10
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