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The Principal Nauigations, Voiages, Traffiques and Discoueries of the English Nation: Made by Sea or Ouer-Land, to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth, at Any Time Within the Compasse of These 1500 Yeeres, Deuided Into Three Seuerall Volumes, According to the Positions of the Regions, Whereunto They Were Directed. This First Volume Containing the Woorthy Discoueries, &C. Of the English Toward the North and Northeast by Sea, as of Lapland, Scrikfinia, Corelia, the Baie of S. Nicolas, the Isles of Colgoieue, Vaigatz, and Noua Zembla, Toward the Great Riuer Ob, With the Mighty Empire of Russia, the Caspian Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Media, Persia, Boghar in Bactria, and Diuers Kingdoms of Tartaria: Together With Many Notable Monuments and Testimonies of the Ancient Forren Trades, and of the Warrelike and Other Shipping of This Realme of England in Former Ages : VVhereunto Is Annexed Also a Briefe Commentarie of the True State of Island, and of the Northern Seas and Lands Situate That Way. And Lastly, the Memorable Defeate of the Spanish Huge Armada, Anno 1588, and the Famous Victorie Atchieued at the Citie of Cadiz, 1596, Are Described

By Richard Hakluyt Master of Artes, and sometime student of Christ-Church in Oxford
Book; Online
Imprinted at London : By George Bishop, Ralph Newberie, and Robert Barker, 1598-[1600]
Uniform Title
Principall navigations, voiages, and discoveries of the English nation
Variant Title
Principal navigations, voiages, traffiqves and discoueries of the English nation
Principal navigations, voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation
3 v. in 2 : ill., map ; 29 cm (fol.)
  • Variant: title page has "yeares".
  • This title was cancelled and in a later issue a new t.p. with various alterations and with date 1599 was substituted for it. On the new t.p. no mention is made of the "victorie atchieued at the citie of Cadiz, 1598," the account of the voyage to Cadiz having been suppressed by order of Queen Elizabeth, after the disgrace of Essex.
  • Vol. 2 has title: "The second volume of the principal nauigations, voyages, traffiques and discoueries of the English Nation, made by sea or ouer-land, to the South and South-east parts of the VVorld, at any time within the compasse of these 1600. yeres: diuided into two seuerall parts: whereof the first containeth the personall trauels, & c. of the English, through and within the Streight of Gibraltar, to Alger, Tunis, and Tripolis in Barbary, to Alexandria and Cairo in Aegypt, to the Isles of Sicilia, Zante, Candia, Rhodus, Cyprus, and Chio, to the Citie of Constantinople, to diuers parts of Asia minor, to Syria and Armenia, to Ierusalem, and other places in Iudaea; as also to Arabia, downe the riuer of Euphrates, to Babylon and Balsara, and so through the Persian gulph to Ormuz, Chaul, Goa, and to many islands adioyning vpon the South parts of Asia; and likewise from Goa to Cambaia, and to all the dominions of Zelabdim Echebar the great Mogor, to the mighty riuer of Ganges, to Bengala, Aracan, Bacola, and Chonderi, to Pegu, to Iamahai in the kingdome of Siam, and almost to the very frontiers of China. The second comprehendeth the voyages, trafficks, & c. of the English Nation, made without the Streight of Gibraltar, to the islands of the Açores, of Porto Santo, Madera, and the Canaries, to the kingdomes of Barbary, to the Isles of Capo Verde, to the riuers of Senega, Gambra, Madrabumba, and Sierra Lenoa, to the coast of Guinea and Benin, to the Isles of S. Thomé and Santa Helena, to the parts about the Cape of Buona Esperanza, to Quitangone neere Mozambique, to the Isles of Comoro and Zanzibar, to the citie of Goa, beyond Cape Comori, to the Isles of Nicubar, Gomes Polo, and Pulo Pinaom, to the maine land of Malacca, and to the kingdome of Iunsalaon." Imprint reads: "Imprinted at London by George Bishop, Ralph Newbery, and Robert Barker. Anno 1599."
  • "The second part of this second volume" begins new pagination on 3A1 of vol. 2.
  • Vol. 3 has title: "The third and last volume of the voyages, nauigations, traffiques, and discoueries of the English nation, and in some few places, where they haue not been, of strangers, performed within and before the time of these hundred yeeres, to all parts of the Newfound world of America, or the West Indies, from 73. degrees of Northerly to 57. of Southerly latitude: as namely to Engronland, Meta Incognita, Estotiland, Tierra de Labrador, Newfoundland, up The grand bay, the gulfe of S. Laurence, and the riuer of Canada to Hochelaga and Saguenay, along the coast of Arambec, to the shores and maines of Virginia and Florida, and on the West or backside of them both, to the rich and pleasant countries of Nuena Biscaya, Cibola, Tiguex, Cicuic, Quiuira, to the 15. prouinces of the kingdome of New Mexico, to the bottome of the gulfe of California, and up the Riuer of Buona Guia: and likewise to all the yles both small and great lying before the cape of Florida, the bay of Mexico, and Tierra firma, to the coasts and Inlands of Newe Spaine, Tierra firma, and Guiana, up the mighty Riuers of Orenoque, Desskebe, and Marannon, to euery part of the coast of Brasil, to the riuer of Plate, through the Streights of Magellan forward and backward, and to the South of the said Streights as farre as 57. degrees: and from thence on the backside of America, along the coastes, harbours, and cape of Chili, Peru, Nicaragua, Nueua Espanna, Nuena Galicia, Culiacan, California, Noua Albion, and more Northerly as farre as 43. degrees: together with the two renowmed [sic], and prosperous voyages of Sir Francis Drake and M. Thomas Candish round about the circumference of the whole earth, and diuers other voyages intended and set forth for that course." Imprint reads: "Imprinted at London by George Bishop, Ralfe Newberie, and Robert Barker. Anno Dom. 1600."
  • Publication dates: vol. 1: 1598; vol. 2: 1599; vol. 3: 1600.
  • Several of the contents are translations accompanied by original texts.
  • Molineaux-Wright Map: The folded engraved map has legend in cartouche at lower right "Thou has here (gentle reader) a true hydrological description of so much of the world as hath beene hitherto discouered ...". It comes in two states: (1) without and (2) with a cartouche in lower left referring to the discovery of Sir Francis Drake. The map is often lacking from the book and may quite possibly not have been issued with it. The second inscription (referring to the discovery of Sir Francis Drake) reads "By the discouerie of Sr Francis Drake made in the yeare 1577. the streights of Magellane (as they are com[m]only called seeme to be nothing els but broken land ... A[nn]o 1587."
  • Vol. 1: Errata with heading "postscriptum" on 2*2 verso; "A Catalogue of the Voyages of this first volume, made to the North and Northeast quarters." -- 2*4 recto to 2*6 verso.
  • Vol. 2: "A Catalogue of the English Voyages made by and within the Streight of Gibraltar, to the South and Southeast quarters of the world, conteined [sic] in the first part of this second volume" -- *5 recto to *7 verso; "A brief Catalogue of the principall English Voyages made without the Straight of Gibraltar to the South and Southeast quarters of the world, contayned in the second part of this second volume ..." -- *7 verso to *8 verso.
  • Vol. 3: "A general catalogue diuided, according to the methode obserued in this present volume, into 14. special branches, briefly conteyning all the voyages, nauigations, traffiques, and discoueries of the English nation ..." -- (A4)4 recto to (A)8 verso.
  • Another issue (STC 12626a) has a cancel title page omitting mention of the Cadiz victory.
  • The voyage to Cadiz, which appears in Vol. 1, is found in three distinct issues: (1) Text, beginning with seven-line engraved initial A; with caption title, "A brief and true report of the Honorable voyage vnto Cadiz, 1596. of the ouerthrow of the kings Fleet, and of the winning, sacking, and burning of the Citie, with all other accidents of moment, thereunto appertaining" -- p. 607-619; (2) Text, beginning with an eight-line engraved initial A, with heading in smaller type than the preceding, but with same line endings, p. 607-617 (p. 607 wrongly numbered 417, p. 608 wrongly numbered 605); (3) Text, with same heading as above, beginning with a black-letter A, in a mortised border eight lines in height, p. 607-620. -- Church, entry 332.
  • The third volume relates entirely to America.
  • Pagination: vol. 1: [24], 619, [1] p.; vol. 2: [16], 312, 204 p.; vol. 3: [16], 868 p.
  • Errors in paging: vol. 1: p. 49 misprinted as 46, 73 as 87, 194 as 294, 196 as 169, 198 as 168, 205 as 203, 206 as 204, 278 as 276, 293 as 593, 559 as 459, 605 as 608, and 608 as 605; vol. 2: (second count) p. 114 misprinted as 126, 115 as 127, 249 as 243, 254 as 252; (third count) p. 6 misprinted as 318, 7 as 319, 14 as 326, 16 as 328, 17 as 29, 18 as 330, 19 as 331, 20 as 32, 21 as 333, 23 as 335, 111 as 110, and 155 as 143; vol. 3: p. 99 misprinted as 101, 106 as 104, 359 as 259, 550 as 534, 608 as 680, 617 as 671
  • Signatures: vol. 1: *-2*⁶ A-3E⁶ 3F⁴; vol. 2: *⁸ A-2C⁶ 3A-3R⁶; vol. 3: (A)⁸ A-I⁶ K⁸ L-4C⁶.
  • Initials; printed marginalia
Local Notes
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: The Molineaux-Wright map (2) with a cartouche in lower left referring to the discovery of Sir Francis Drake, bound between 2*6 and A1 in vol. 1; the voyage to Cadiz, in its first state.
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Bound in full tan polished calf; gilt panel and decorative design central on both covers; raised bands with gilt lettering and simple gilt decoration. rebacked. Housed in a grey cloth covered clamshell boxes. Tracy W. McGregor Library, American History Collection. This copy recataloged through a generous grant from the McGregor Fund.
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