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A pocket companion of ye roads, of ye south part of Great Britain, called England and Wales : containing all ye cities, market towns, post towns, boroughs: and whatever places have ye election of members of Parliament &c. All the great or post-roads, and principal cross-roads &c. with ye computed miles from town to town

by Herman Moll Geographer.
Online; Map
1 map ; 27 x 30 cm.
Variant title
Pocket companion of the roads of the south part of Great Britain, called England and Wales
Mathematical info
Scale [ca. 1:2,500,000].
[London : Herman Moll, 1724?]
Relief not shown.
Dedication: To His Higness Prince Frederick Duke of Glocester &c. This map is most humbly dedicated by Her: Moll Geogr.
Note. This map may be used with:out scale or compasses: for ye towns that are not touched by the roads lying near them, thier distances may easily be computed by inspection.
Symbols listed for cities, archbishopricks, bishopricks, post towns or stages on the post roads, market and post towns, market towns.
Note: Great or direct roads, principal cross roads &c. many not to be found in Mr. Ogilby's book.
Note: Since ye beginning of this new set of maps, now compleatly finish'd; several ignorant pretenders have started up, and with great shew and noise frequently advertised their trifling performances; calling them cheap, curious, usefull and correct: as to ye first epithed, they are really dear, at any price; in ye second place, everyon body may see they are wild, confused and poorly engraven; as for their usefulness, they tend only to lead people into errors; and so far from being correct; that ye projection of their principal maps is notoriously false.
Detached from an unidentified source.
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