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Occidentalis Americae partis : vel earum regionum quas Christophorus Columbus primu[m] detexit tabula chorographicaè multorum auctorum scriptis, praesertim verò ex Hieronymi Benzoni (qui totis XIIII annis eas provincias diligenter perlustravit)

historia & in aes incisa à Theodoro de Bry Leod, anno 1594.
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1 map ; 32 x 43 cm.
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Scale not given.
[Frankfurt a.M.?] : T. de Bry Leod, [1594]
Shows West Indies, portions of southern United States and Central America, and northern South America.
Relief shown pictorially.
Includes coat of arms and ill.
Engraved to accompany the 4th part of Theodore de Bry's Grand voyages , "Americae pars quarta insignis & admiranda historia" by Girolamo Benzoni. Also appeared in a Katub edutuib if 1634 abd a German edition of 1613. Cf. Burden.
Cited in
Burden, P. Mapping North America, v. 1, no. 83, p. 106-107.
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