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A map of the discoveries made by Capts. Cook & Clerke in the years 1778 & 1779 between the eastern coast of Asia and the western coast of North America, when they attempted to navigate the North Sea : Aalso Mr. Hearn's discoveries to the north westward of Hudson's Bay in 1772

J.T. Scott sculp.
Online; Map
Mathematical info
Scale [ca. 1:42,000,000]
(E 120⁰--W 70⁰/N 76⁰--N 6⁰).
[Philadelphia : Mathew Carey, 1811]
Prime meridians: Greenwich and Philadelphia.
"Engraved for Carey's American edition of Guthrie's Geography improved." -- Printed outside the border at top of map.
Plate number "45" printed at upper left corner.
Appeared with this plate number in the 1811 edition of Carey's General Atlas.
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