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APA Educational Psychology Handbook [electronic resource]

Karen R. Harris, Steve Graham, and Tim Urdan, editors-in-chief
EBook; Book; Online
1 online resource (3 v.)
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Educational psychology handbook
1st ed
APA handbooks in psychology
Handbooks in psychology
Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association, c2012.
9781433809965 (set), 1433809966 (set), 9781433809972 (vol. 1), 1433809974 (vol. 1), 9781433809989 (vol. 2), 1433809982 (vol. 2), 9781433809996 (vol. 3), 1433809990 (vol. 3)
  • v. 1. Theories, constructs, and critical issues
  • Projecting educational psychology's future from its past and present: a trend analysis / Patricia A. Alexander, P. Karen Murphy, and Jeffrey A. Greene
  • Current and emerging design and data analysis approaches / Jonna M. Kulikowich and Nell Sedransk
  • Constructivism / Angela M. O'Donnell
  • Information processing / Richard E. Mayer
  • Social cognitive theory / Dale H. Schunk
  • Sociocultural approaches to educational psychology: theory, research, and application / Artin Göncü and Mary Gauvain
  • Metacognition in education / Carey Dimmitt and Christine B. McCormick
  • Knowledge and knowing: the journey from philosophy and psychology to human learning / P. Karen Murphy, Patricia A. Alexander, and Krista R. Muis
  • Personal epistemology: theory, research, and future directions / Barbara K. Hofer and Lisa D. Bendixen
  • Enhancing students' performance in traditional education: implications from the expert-performance approach and deliberate practice / Kiruthiga Nandagopal and K. Anders Ericsson
  • Human cognitive architecture: why some instructional procedures work and others do not / John Sweller
  • Working memory, learning, and academic achievement / H. Lee Swanson and Tracy Packiam Alloway
  • Motivation: past, present, and future / Sandra Graham and Bernard Weiner
  • Self-regulation of learning: process approaches to personal development / Barry J. Zimmerman and Andju Sara Labuhn
  • Self-concept: a synergy of theory, method, and application / Herbert W. Marsh, Man Xu, and Andrew J. Martin
  • Resistance and resiliency in a color conscious society: implications for learning and teaching / Margaret Beale Spencer, Davido Dupree, Brian Tinsley, Ebony O. McGee, Jennifer Hall, Suzanne G. Fegley, and Tyhesha Goss Elmore
  • Evidence-based practices in education / Bryan G. Cook, Garnett J. Smith, and Melody Tankersley
  • Genetics and education: toward a genetically sensitive classroom / Claire M. A. Haworth and Robert Plomin
  • How neuroscience contributes to our understanding of learning and development in typically developing and special needs students / James P. Byrnes
  • Evolutionary educational psychology / David G. Geary
  • -- v. 2. Individual differences and cultural and contextual factors
  • Academic emotions / Reinhard Pekrun and Elizabeth J. Stephens
  • From general intelligence to multiple intelligences: meanings, models, and measures / Richard D. Roberts and Anastasiya A. Lipnevich
  • Learning styles and approaches to learning / Adrian Furnham
  • Gifted and talented education: history, issues, and recommendations / Donna Y. Ford
  • Personality / Moshe Zeidner and Gerald Matthews
  • Gender, motivation, and educational attainment / Judith L. Meece and Karyl J. S. Askew
  • Motivation theory in educational practice: knowledge claims, and future directions / Avi Kaplan, Idit Katz, and Hanoch Flum
  • Engagement and positive youth development: creating optimal learning environments / David J. Shernoff
  • Conceptual change induced by instruction: a complex interplay of multiple factors / Stella Vosniadou and Lucia Mason
  • Moral and character education / Marvin W. Berkowitz
  • Ethnic and racial identity in childhood and adolescence / Cynthia Hudley and Miles Irving
  • Factors affecting the motivation and achievement of immigrant students / Tim Urdan
  • Explaining the Black-White achievement gap: an intergenerational stratification and developmental perspective / W. Jean Yeung
  • Neighborhoods, schools, and achievement / Jondou J. Chen and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
  • Child and adolescent peer relations in educational context / Philip C. Rodkin and Allison M. Ryan
  • Understanding and preventing bullying and sexual harassment in school / Dorothy L. Espelage and Melissa K. holt
  • Parents' involvement in children's learning / Eva M. Pomerantz, Elizabeth Moorman Kim, and Cecilia Sin-Sze Cheung
  • Effective classrooms / Helen Patrick, Panayota Mantzicopoulos, and David Sears --Spring cleaning for the "messy" construct of teachers' beliefs: what are they? which have been examined? what can they tell us? / Helenrose Fives and Michelle M. Buehl
  • Effective teachers and teaching: characteristics and practices related to positive student outcomes / Slysia D. Roehrig, Jeannine E. Turner, Meagan C. Arrastia, Eric Christesen, Sarah McElhaney, and Laura M. Jakiel --Three generations of research on class size effects / Peter Blatchford
  • -- v. 3. Application to teaching and learning
  • Early childhood education / Penny Hauser-Cram and Darcy B. Mitchell
  • Global perspectives on education during middle childhood / Scott G. Paris, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Hwei Ming Wong, and Serena Wenshu Luo
  • Adolescence / Eric M. Anderman
  • Learning and assessment of adult reading literacy / John P. Sabatini
  • Using assessment data to make decisions about teaching and learning / John L. Hosp
  • Large-scale assessment for educational accountability / Stephen N. Elliott, Alexander Kurz, and Laura Neergaard
  • Testing accommodations for students with disabilities / James M.Royer and Jennifer Randall
  • Current and historical perspectives on reading research and instruction / Michael L. Kamil
  • Writing / Gert Rijlaarsdam, Huub Van den Bergh, Michel Couzijn, Tanja Janssen, Martine Braaksma, Marion Tillema, Elke Van Steendam, and Mariet Raedts
  • Critical transitions: arithmetic to algebra / Martha Carr
  • Thinking and reasoning in science: promoting epistemic conceptual change / Gale M. Sinatra and Clark A. Chinn
  • Learning social studies: an evidence-based approach / David Hicks, Stephanie van Hover, Perter E. Doolittle, and Phillip VanFossen
  • The power of setting: the role of field experience in learning to teach / Pam Grossman, Matthew Ronfeldt, and Julia J. Cohen
  • Designing instruction for the contemporary learning landscape / Fred Paas, Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer, and Tamara A. J. M. van Gog
  • Classroom applications of cooperative learning / Robert E. Slavin
  • Strategies instruction / Charles A. MacArthur
  • Problem-based learning / Sofie M. M. Loyens, Paul A. Kirschner, and Fred Paas
  • Application of technology to learning / Roxanna Moreno
  • Intelligent tutoring systems / Arthur C. Graesser, Mark W. Conley, and Andrew Olney
  • Homework / Harris Cooper, Siying Steengergen-Hu, and Amy L. Dent
  • The education of English language learners / Fred Genesee and Kathryn Lindholm-Leary
  • Methods for preventing early academic difficulties / Adriana G. Bus, Paul P. M. Leseman, and Susan B. Neuman
  • A comprehensive, integrated three-tier model to meet students' academic, behavioral, and social needs / Kathleen Lynne Lane, Holly Mariah Menzies, Jemma Robertson Kalberg, and Wendy P. Oakes.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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