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The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Research

edited by Peter Cane, Herbert M. Kritzer
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
Variant Title
Handbook of empirical legal research
Empirical legal research
Oxford handbooks in law
9780199542475, 0199542473, 9780199659944, 019965994X
  • The art, craft, and science of policing / Martin Innes
  • Crime and criminals / Wesley Skogan
  • Criminal process and prosecution / Jacqueline Hodgson and Andrew Roberts
  • The crime-preventive impact of penal sanctions / Anthony Bottoms and Andrew von Hirsch
  • Contracts and corporations / Sally Wheeler
  • Financial markets / Julia Black
  • Consumer protection / Stephen Meili
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency / Robert M. Lawless and Elizabeth Warren
  • Regulating the professions / Linda Haller
  • Personal injury litigation / Paul Fenn and Neil Rickman
  • Claiming behavior as legal mobilization / Herbert M. Kritzer
  • Families / Mavis Maclean
  • Labor and employment laws / Simon Deakin
  • Housing and property / David Cowan
  • Human rights instruments / Linda Camp Keith
  • Constitutions / David S. Law
  • Social security and social welfare / Michael Adler
  • Occupational safety and health / Bridget M. Hutter
  • Environmental regulation / Cary Coglianese and Catherine Courcy
  • Administrative justice / Simon Halliday and Colin Scott
  • Access to civil justice / Roderick A. Macdonald
  • Judicial recruitment, training, and careers / Peter H. Russell
  • Trial courts and adjudication / Sharyn Roach Anleu and Kathy Mack
  • Appellate courts / David Robertson
  • Dispute resolution / Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow
  • Lay decision-makers in the legal process / Neil Vidmar
  • Evidence law / Gary Edmond and David Hamer
  • Civil procedure and courts / Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow and Bryant G. Garth
  • Collective actions / Christopher Hodges
  • Law and courts' impact on development and democratization / Catalina Smulovitz
  • How does international law work? / Tom Ginsburg and Gregory Shaffer
  • Lawyers and other legal service providers / Richard Moorhead
  • Legal pluralism / Margaret Davies
  • Public images and understandings of courts / James L. Gibson
  • Legal education and the legal academy / Fiona Cownie
  • The (nearly) forgotten early empirical legal research / Herbert M. Kritzer
  • Quantitative approaches to empirical legal research / Lee Epstein and Andrew D. Martin
  • Qualitative approaches to empirical legal research / Lisa Webley
  • The need for multi-method approaches in empirical legal research / Laura Beth Nielsen
  • Legal theory and empirical research / D.J. Galligan
  • Empirical legal research and policy-making / Martin Partington
  • The place of empirical legal research in the law school curriculum / Anthony Bradney
  • Empirical legal training in the US academy / Christine B. Harrington and Sally Engle Merry.
xv, 1094 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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