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Papers of Lafcadio Hearn [manuscript] 1849-1952.

Hearn, Lafcadio; Koizumi, Kazuo; Yeto, Genjiro
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Corrrespondence (some written by others after Hearn's death and relating to his writings) ; literary MSS. of Hearn's writings including "Exotics and retrospectives," "Gaki," "Glimpses of unfamiliar Japan," "Kitzuki Temple, the most ancient shrine in Japan," "Kwaidan," and "The temptation of St. Anthony" (written by Gustave Flaubert and translated by Hearn)
Also notebooks on the French West Indies, Creole dialect, West Indies customs, Japan, Japanese life and art, early English literature, and Japanese children's songs ; material on the Round Table Meeting, Tokyo, 1940, sponsored by the Society for International Cultural Relations; a drawing by Genjiro Yeto of the household shrine; original drawings by Hearn; water-colors by Hearn's son Kazuo Koizumi, and a typescript, and galley and page proofs of "Re-echo," by Kazuo Koizumi, edited by Nancy Jane Fellers.
Also Buddhist tablets with names of Hearn and his wife Setsuko Koizumi, by Nyogen Senzaki (1931), and photocopies of marriage and baptismal certificates (1849-60) in the Public Record Office, England, of the Charles Bush Hearn family.
Also transcripts of Hearn letters to Harper & Brothers, 1890, expressing extreme disapproval of their handling of his work.
Also transcripts of Hearn letters to Horace Scudder, 1891-1897.
Correspondents include George Matthew Adams, Argus Book Shop, Chicago, the Atlantic monthly, Léona Queyrouze Barel, Bibliophile, Columbus, Ohio, J.W. Bouton, Albert E. Brice, Struthers Burt, Basil Hall Chamberlain, Miss Cressaty, Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles, Katsuchi Debuchi, Alexander Denham, Harry A. Feinberg, Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Philotheos K. Ferney, T. Fujiki, Hachisaburo Fujisaki, and Misako Fujisaki
Also S. Fukuhara, Mr. Gallup, John Garcin, Mabel R. Gillis, Leon Godchaux, George Milbry Gould, Ferris Greenslet, Jerome Alfred Hart, Philip Joseph Hartog, T. Hasegawa (Shimei Futabatei), M.S. Hayashi, Charles Bush Hearn, Ellwood Hendrick, the Hokuseido Press, Tokyo, Sanki Ichikawa, Harris Kennedy, Junji Kinoshita, Kazuo Koizumi, Takeji Komatsubara, Little, Brown, and Co., the University of London, Macmillan and Co., Anand Maietriya, and Horace E. Mann
Also A.C. March, William B. Mason, Rudolph Matas, Janichi Makamura, Yoshitoka Nakatsuchi, Sentaro Nishida, Yoshihiro Nishimori, Teisaburo Ochiai, Skigue Okada, William Patten, William T. Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Percival Densmore Perkins, R.H. Powers, Rand, McNally and Co., R.T. Roberts, Roberts Bros., Gertrude Ruhnka, and the Satyr Book Shop, Hollywood
Also William Leonard Schwartz, Horace Elisha Scudder, Nyogen Senzaki, John Smith of Los Angeles, Onah L. Spencer, Joseph Marshall Stoddart, Edward Larocque Tinker. H. Toyama, N. Utsuki, Paul F. Veith, Carl Vitz, Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore, W.R. Wills, and J.E. Zahn.
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Lafcadio Hearn Papers, 1849-1952, Accession #6101 to 6101-b, 3959 and 4894, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.
  • Forms part of the Clifton Waller Barrett Library.
  • In part, transcripts.
  • Frogs [in Exotics and retrospectives] (ADS, 44 1 l. 1/14/98).
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4894 (21 Letters to Horace E. Scudder) : Transcripts from originals in Abernethy Library, Middlebury College.
3959 (letters to Harper & Brothers) : Transcripts from Harper & Brothers.
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No copies or quotations from transcripts of letters in Abernethy Library, Middlebury College without written permission of the Abernethy Library.
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